Blues & West Coast Swing Workshop Weekend




10:00am - 5:00pm


The Green Door


$50 ($45 if you register online before 10/8) or $15 per lesson


Greg Avakian and Laurie Zimmerman

Swing Dances are classic American dances that have continued to thrive and evolve throughout the years. Want to add another classic dance to your swing repertoire? Want to feel comfortable dancing with a partner to slower music?

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These classes will focus on the two dances that are newer to our dance community: Blues Dancing and West Coast Swing.  They will show us how they are different and how they are connected, and how we can expand our East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop to push the boundaries of our abilities and our assumptions about dance, connection, rhythm and timing.

Our teachers, Greg Avakian & Laurie Zimmerman have been teaching these dances for over a decade in Philadelphia and across the country at competitions and dance camps.  They are well-known for teaching with enthusiasm, humor and clarity.  Their breakthrough coaching landed their 30-person Lindy troupe at the University of Pennsylvania first place the first time they ever competed in team competition.

Blues and West Coast Swing


Body lead/Body follow: How to move so your partner gets it.

The cornerstone class on connection and partnering.  With solid, concrete, examples and exercises, we’ll give you some great techniques on connecting with your partner in open or closed position.  We’ll explore the natural movement you use in everyday life and show how to translate that into dancing so that you are no longer “doing” the dance, but are actually moving naturally as you dance.


Blues movement: Learn to dance (and be comfortable) to slower music.

Blues dancing is huge, but not every community has enough of it.  Some people wonder “what is Blues dancing and how can I have fun dancing to slower music?” If that’s you, then check out this solid look at partnered Blues Dancing.  These will be open and closed position movements that you can use tonight or any night.  A basic patterns class so you can increase basic vocabulary -and see how easy it is to combine Blues Dancing with any style of Swing dancing.


West Coast Swing Interpretations: West Coast Concepts form your ECS, Blues or Lindy

We’ll start by looking at West Coast Swing through the eyes of a Lindy Hopper and a Blues dancer.  We’ll show how you can use ideas and vocabulary from West Coast Swing and add it to your Lindy and Blues dancing. Then we will learn to dance some West Coast Swing and have it feel like a different dance.

1:20 – 2:30


Bring your own and eat at the Green Door or check out a nearby restaurant


West Coast Swing: West Coast Swing Styling & Cool Variations

In this class we’ll continue to differentiate our dancing by building authenticity in our styling.  However, the focus will be on learning variations that can be used in any swing dance.


West Coast Swing: More Styling & Even Cooler Variations

Now we will whip out some fun stuff to challenge you and get you really moving on the floor.  We’ll show a variety of options and the class can decide on whether to continue in the direction we’re going in or break away to learn a new set of patterns.

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