How much will I learn during a 1 hour lesson?

Learning to dance is like anything else—we learn most efficiently in small increments. It is not watching, but doing that helps us learn (and become proficient at) the basic mechanics. We didn’t learn to ride a bike, use a computer, or read all in one sitting and dancing no different. It takes time and patience, interest and dedication.

Accordingly, we give a beginner lesson at the start of every dance geared to new folks in order to make sure they have something to practice during the dance. You’ll usually find a different instructor and a different lesson each time you come. Our instructors try to present beginner moves as well as some intermediate and more advanced moves. As you grow past the beginner class of dancer, our club offers more advanced instruction workshops and series. We also provide opportunities to practice (Practice, Practice on Thursday nights from 7:30-9:30). Private lessons are also available for various levels of dance.