What should I wear?

Please come to the Green Door in your most comfortable clothes and shoes. High heels, open toes, and flip flops are not practical and enhance chance of injury. Flip flops and stocking feet are not allowed on the dance floor. Leather bottomed shoes provide the best connection to floor while allowing dancers to turn easily – creating less stress your ankles, knees and other joints. Sneakers are good foot support but tend to stick to the floor - sometimes dancers will put tape on the bottom, wear peds over their sneakers or have them chrome leathered so that they will not be too sticky.

Another etiquette tip as you get ready for the dance – make sure you’ve scrubbed all your spots clean! Cleanliness is definitely next to godliness on the dance floor. You’ll be pretty active, so make sure you’re wearing your freshest clothes, some efficient deodorant, and have minty breath!