Why do we rotate partners?

It is the custom in Swing Dance circles to “rotate partners” during the lesson. The Top Ten Reasons for rotating partners:

  1. It keeps married couples or dating couples from killing each other!
  2. It helps us remember the difference between clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. Rotating allows us to operate our dances with the ‘no partner needed’ condition. Thus we can include everyone.
  4. You may be the one to help that guy or girl who ‘just doesn’t get it.’
  5. You’ll never be stuck with that guy or girl who ‘just doesn’t get it’ for more than a few minutes.
  6. That new partner may be just the one to figure out how to make sure you get it!
  7. It is a proven fact that you will learn faster when you are not clinging to the safety of being able to blame your regular partner or a friend!
  8. It keeps the instructors on their toes.
  9. It gives opportunity for you to practice your new skills with many people - something very necessary for social dancing.
  10. It gives a good opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and become acquainted, fueling our wonderful warm and friendly atmosphere.