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summer dancing?,2009:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.24 2009-04-16T03:44:47Z Hellzapopcorn Hello!
I’m a swing dancer in MN and I’m actually going to be in State College, PA for 10 weeks this summer.
That’s centralish PA… right? .... thus I come here bearing questions.
Just wanting to know where people dance and how they get there from that area.

connections are always a good thing.
I just know I’ll explode 10 weeks w/o some sort of lindy…

Bringing Beginners?,2009:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.23 2009-04-10T14:23:45Z GreenePony I grew up in the Lancaster area but I started swing while at university in Texas so I’m only used the scene down there (mostly in the DFW area.) However when I come home I want to introduce my friends from high school to swing. Most of them have never danced beyond an awkward single-footed east coast that we learned in high school phys ed. Some have been going to the swing clubs at their universities but seeing the state of the swing society at the colleges down here, I don’t have much faith.
So I have a few questions…

How welcoming are the dancers? I know experienced dancers like to pick their favorites among themselves, etc. but how willing are they to occasionally dance with raw beginners? (except for myself and perhaps one of the leads I don’t believe any know Lindy or Charleston, or even really East Coast)
On that note, how experienced are the dancers? And how prevalent is experience in Lindy (at least among the leads)?
Also, I’ve been looking at the pictures and have been trying to get a grasp on how formal/casual the dances are. I’m assuming it is very casual (jeans for ladies)? How much would someone stick out if they were slightly retro, or even wore a casual skirt?
And the beginner lesson at the beginning, would I be correct assume it just teaches basic east coast and arch turns?
Am I correct to assume that Tuesdays would be the best time to bring them down and that it either night is very follow heavy?


Oh, and on another note, did anyone from the Club come down to LindyFest last month?

Dancers at Bloomsburg University?,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.13 2008-11-19T00:48:16Z jason. Just got a job at the university and moved up here. Trying to find folks who dance lindy hop and balboa. It’d be sweet to find someone to practice with and possibly teach with. There is no scene here to network, so if you know someone up here let me know!


Miss You Guys!,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.14 2008-11-24T08:44:41Z Andy Hello from lovely Louisiana!

Wow, do I miss you guys, and REALLY miss dancing!!

Things are going well here on Deployment, it’s looking like I’m going to have some free time over the Holidays, so I’m *REALLY* looking forward to coming out.

No Swing at the Base we’re going to, but apparently Salsa is big… so I guess I’ll be picking that up.

Keep things hopping!

Andy Kauffman

long time new look,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.9 2008-07-05T13:24:47Z madcowjackson It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the site but it looks great. The main reason I’m posting this is just to say that nowwe live in Australia we terribly miss the Harrisburg/Carlisle dance scene and in particular the Green Door. We met a lot of fantastic people and we miss you all. I hope that the scene is still strong. You don;t know how good it is until you no longer have it.

Lee and Trina

how active is the club?,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.7 2008-03-30T11:50:19Z tbonecats Hi! I was just out in Carlisle this past weekend to check out the Dickinson school of law and there’s a strong possibility I will attend there this fall. So of course, having been involved with a a couple of swing clubs out of Dayton Ohio for the past few years, the first thing I do when I get home is look to see if there is swing dancing in the area, and I find this site. How active is your club? How are your turnouts for the weekly dances and events? What types of Swing dancing do you teach? Are there other clubs in Harrisburg or the surrounding areas that provide opportunities for dancing? Thanks!

Shim Sham,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.6 2008-03-07T16:43:40Z emiliamarie I’m working on learning the shim sham and didn’t know which version of the shim sham song the green door uses… i would like to find it so that i can practice.

any help is greatly appreciated!

Cool Beans,2008:forum/member/profile/member/profile/viewthread/.2 2008-01-09T01:06:56Z 2008-01-09T01:07:58Z saico So when is this site up and running?  cool smile