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San Diego Fusion Exchange (SDFX)—January 8-10, 2010
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San Diego Fusion Exchange (SDFX)
January 8-10, 2010

*What is FUSION?*

Tired of hearing all of the “no” in dance? Start saying YES with fusion!

Fusion is the combination of dances in such a way that allows dancers to use all the techniques, connections, and movements of many dances (in particular swing and blues, or blues and tango, or west coast and blues). This is a constant communication from lead to follow (and vice versa) that uses the dancers’ knowledge of more than one dance to flow from one dance to another within a song/dance. Fusion is imagination in motion.

*Join us for the San Diego Fusion Exchange!*

3 Days of Classes! 3 Nights of Dancing! Amazing instructor lineup! Tons of DJs! Live Music! Meals included!  ...and a LIVE BAND on Saturday night!

For our 3rd year, we’re giving you more of what you loved, all in two GORGEOUS venues: 30 minute breaks between classes, free coffee all day and all night long, your favorite instructors, great DJs, and uninterrupted social dancing! Experience the passion of dancing by using the combination of all your dance knowledge (whether it be blues, west coast, slow lindy, soul, argentine tango, or any other dance) so that you can best create your own style to fit the music.

To make your stay easier, we’ve arranged a shuttle service between the main venue and the late night venue that will take you back to the hotel. We’ve also arranged a super special super low $45 rate with the hotel (Jan 1 - 13) so you can walk to the venues in the beautiful California sun.

And wait, there’s more: If you live on the West Coast and you’d like to start the party as you travel. We’ve also arranged a party bus starting in Seattle and picking up in Portland and San Francisco. Contact Kayce Spear (travel coordinator) by November 1st.

*Early Registration Is Already Filling Fast!*

Early registration ends when the early spots are gone, and prices increase as each set of early bird registrations are filled, so please don’t wait until the last minute to register!

An all-access pass is a tremendous bargain and includes 3 full days of classes with dancing in-between, 3 nights of dancing from 9 PM - 5 AM, breakfast, lunch, and a late night snack.

*Extra Activities—Arrive Early, Stay Late—Disneyland!*

San Diego is sunny and mild, most other places places are cold and wet. Why not give yourself the best dance vacation ever? Start off with Swingin’ the New Year in San Diego then stick around for dancing every night, possibly a rock-climbing trip on Wednesday, Disneyland on Thursday (transportation included), and a live band (CJ Hutchinson Band) just for the fusionistas at Ciao Bella on Thursday night (only $8 ). Rock out with the Fusion Exchange from Friday through Sunday. Then enjoy more great dancing at a special alternative Milonga just for us.

Start your year off RIGHT!

*Follow us on Facebook and Twitter*

Please RSVP with us on Facebook for breaking news and updates:

...and join the Facebook Group:

Also, follow us on Twitter:


Doug Silton (Los Angeles, CA) - West Coast Swing, Lindy, All Dances
Brian “Lucky” Skillen (NYC) - Blues, Lindy, Hip Hop
Brenda Russell (Collins/CK) (Portland, OR) - Technique, West Coast Swing, Blues, All Dances
Ben Long (Portland, OR) - Micro Blues, Fusion
Jay Abling (San Diego, CA) - Argentine Tango
Parisa Z. (Portland, OR) - Argentine Tango, Hip Hop, All Dances
Campbell Keatinge-Clay (Miller) (Austin, TX) - Blues, Fusion, Lindy, Ballet, Ballroom
Chris Mayer (Austin, TX) - Blues, Fusion, Lindy
Drew Robinson (Portland, OR) - Blues, Argentine Tango, Fusion
Andrew Sutton (Sacramento, CA) - All Dances, Lindy Hop
Andrew Smith (Portland, OR) - Blues, Lindy, International Ballroom, Ballet
Lessa Jay Lamb (Thieme) (Seattle, WA) - Blues, Hip Hop
Bill Borgida (Austin, TX) - Classic Blues, Lindy, Technique
Mihai Banulescu (San Francisco, CA) - Fusion, Blues, Argentine Tango
Chris Ransdell (Tulsa, OK) - Ballroomin’ Blues Fusion, Lindy Hop
Makeda Dread Cheatom (San Diego, CA) - African Dance


Andrew Smith (Portland, OR)
Andrew Sutton (Sacramento, CA)
Ben Long (Portland, OR)
Bill Borgida (Austin, TX)
Brenda Russell (Portland, OR)
Brick Robbins (San Diego, CA)
Chris Ransdell (Tulsa, OK)
David Keogh (Santa Fe, NM)
Derrick Dingman (Portland, OR)
Doug Silton (Los Angeles, CA)
Drew Robinson (Portland, OR)
Dustin Henwood (Portland, OR)
Emiliano Estevez (Philadelphia, PA)
Emily Smith (Seattle, WA)
Gretchen Metzenberg (Portland, OR)
Ivy Grey (Portland, OR and Houston, TX)
Jackie Eldridge (San Diego, CA)
Jae Wilson (Portland, OR and Heidelberg, Germany)
Justin Riley (Aspen, CO)
Kayce Spear (Portland, OR)
Kristin Buxton (Los Angeles, CA)
Lessa Lamb (Seattle, WA)
Meeshi (San Diego, CA)
Megan Repar (Houston, TX)
Mihai Banulescu (San Francisco, CA)
Parisa Zolfaghari (Portland, OR)
Patrick Warren (Austin, TX)
Will Shaver (Eugene, OR)
+ Live Band

*Help Us Spread The Word*

Email us the URL to your local dance forums and mailing lists so we can be sure they’re covered too, and help us make this year’s Fusion Exchange the best yet!

Questions? Comments? Want to help promote?  Email us at

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In case you missed it, our website has an awesome compilation of fusion and blues videos. Jams, instructor demos, performances- it’s all here.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you’d like to help us promote this awesome event, drop us a line at

See you in January!

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Get your free fusion playlist!

We’ve taken setlists from the past two fusion exchanges, as well as SDFX this January, and turned them into free streaming playlists on! You can listen to full cuts of hundreds of past and future fusion dance songs for free, from any internet browser. In addition, you can use to suggest songs for our DJ’s on our group playlist.

Ticket Supplies:
34 Alll Access Passes for Leads at $190 Regular/$175 Students.
15 Alll Access Passes for Follows at $190 Regular/$175 Students.
1 Dance Only pass at $75 Regular/$70 Students

(It looks like we may sell out, so get these tickets before they’re gone!)

Cheap Airfare:

Now is the time to buy- Travelocity, Southwest, and Expedia are all having big sales, but most end on November 23rd, so move fast.

SDFX Around the Web

Don’t forget, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. If you’re already registered, and want to help us advertise this awesome event, we’ve also got some cool promotional materials to share.

See you in January!
The SDFX Team

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San Diego Fusion Exchange is coming up fast! December 15th is the last day to pay for your registration by check, order a t-shirt, take advantage of the lead referral credit, or be part of the special class with Amanda and Shawn (more on both of these below).

Lead referral credits:

Follow registration is SOLD OUT (for now), and the waiting list is growing. However, we’re a little short on leads, so we’ve decided on a cool promotion to bring some more leads out:

For every person that refers a lead (and that lead registers, pays, and put the referrer’s name in the box), the referrer will get one of the following nifty payments (referrer’s choice):
(a) $5 off per lead referred and paid—to be received this year during or before SDFX (maximum $50 refund) OR
(b) $20 credit per lead referred and paid—to be used as a credit for FX 2011 (maximum $60 credit)

For follows who haven’t registered yet:

We are all out of follow passes, but if you register for a Dance Only
pass by December 1st, we can still get you on the list for housing and
carpools. We’re happy to put you on the Follow waitlist (it’s only a
couple people right now), and if we get a cancellation, we’ll contact
you so you can upgrade to the full weekend. If you’re All Access Pass or bust, then the waiting list will work for that too. To get on it, email [email protected] with “Follows Wait List” in the subject and give us your full name and city. If you register with a lead that will be participating in classes, you can skip the waiting line and register now.

Win a special class with Amanda Gruhl and Shawn Hershey!

Amanda and Shawn are going to give an exclusive class to the school or region that represents hardest at SDFX. We’ll be judging based on total registrations, as well as lead/follow ratios. For example: if the Claremonts have 20 people, but 18 are follows, yet Cal Poly has 12 and it’s 6 leads, 6 follows, then Cal Poly wins. If Los Angeles has 50 people, but it’s 30 follows, 20 leads, but Houston has 45 and it’s 23 follows, 22 leads, then Houston wins. The cutoff for being counted toward your region is December 15th, though, so get those registrations in!

January 1st is our final registration deadline.

If you want to save money on the door prices (and make sure there’s a spot waiting for you), we need your registration. In addition, everyone registered by the 1st will be entered in a drawing to win passes to these awesome 2010 events:

(1) Austin Blues Party ~ Austin, TX ~ July 2-4, 2010
http://www.austinbluesparty. com/ php?eid=177208374653
2 days and 3 nights of dancing, music, and fun!

(2) Portland Blues Experience ~ Portland, OR ~ July 1-4, 2010
A dance weekend built around America’s second largest blues festival!

(3) Lindy and Party (LAP) Dance Weekend ~ Phoenix, AZ ~ September 9-12, 2010 php?eid=297455745385
Tons of Dancing, Tons of Partying. Dance, Chill, Go Crazy.

(4) Dance 2010 ~ Tulsa, OK
The first world-wide blues dance championship!

Private lessons at SDFX

SDFX instructors will be available for private lessons throughout the weekend. This is a great chance to get personal feedback from teachers with a huge variety of backgrounds and experience. Time is limited, though, so email Ted Maddry at to sign up.

Vote for the location of Fusion Exchange 2011!

Go to and cast your vote for the site of next year’s fusion exchange. We’ll be announcing some of the instructors at SDFX, and maybe even the location. We’ll also be selling a very limited number of tickets during SDFX, as well as giving priority registration to past fusion exchange attendees.

In case you forgot...

We have nearly 300 fusion songs from past and future FX DJ’s available to stream free at If you want to add a little fusion into your weekly blues dance, it’s a great place for inspiration.

Thanks everyone!
The SDFX Team

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SDFX Pre-Registration Closes at Midnight on Jan 1!

If you haven’t registered for the San Diego Fusion Exchange you should hurry up and do it now! Pre-registration will close tomorrow, January 1, at midnight.

We’re very close to selling out, so you may not get in if you wait to buy your tickets at the door.

If you’re just planning to come to a random dance or 2, then the Friday night main dance is your best bet since that space has the largest capacity. Priority will be given to All Access Pass and Dance Pass holders. Next, attendees purchasing for the entire night. Then, attendees purchasing for just that portion of the night.

The Saturday night dances (with live band and instructor demos) sell out every single year. So be sure to get there early!

With more than 300 people coming from all over the world, this event is going to rock and you don’t want to miss it!

Other SDFX News:

We’re Going Green!

We’ve made tremendous efforts to make SDFX an organic, green and sustainable event. We have everything from organic foods (with meals planned by Trader Joes to meet dietary requirements); fair trade organic coffee from Peets, biodegradable sugarcane picnicware; recycling bins; reduced printed material in the registration packet AND our shuttle not only cuts down on individual drivers, but it runs on either sulfur or bio diesel. How cool is that? We’re proud to nurture eco-friendly consciousness, and hope that we can set a trend for other dance events across the nation.

Original Music at SDFX

Fusion fanatic Dave Keogh from New Mexico has composed original music for the fusion dancers. He will DJ these awesome tunes just for you on Friday night at the late night dance. Check it out.

If you just can’t get enough music, check out our Project Playlist. We have nearly 300 fusion songs from past and future FX DJ’s available to stream free at

Food at SDFX

For your convenience and to build the Fusion family, we provide you with meals, free coffee and water every day all day and night. On Friday and Saturday, we provide breakfast and lunch and a late night snack. On Sunday, we provide brunch and a late night snack. We’ve tried to accommodate everyone’s food restrictions, please check out the menus and the restaurant’s websites if you’d like more detail. As for dinner, you’re on your own. However, we do have a shuttle to take you out to the Gaslamp District.

PDFs of the menus are available on request.

Pre-Event Trip to Disneyland - Thursday, Jan 8

If you’re interested in Disneyland, be sure to buy your tickets. The bus will fill up, so hurry!

Quick Details:
Times: Approx 8am - 7pm
What to Bring: $36 Cash to pay for transportation (or check made out to “Ivy Grey")
Cost: $64 Ticket + $36 Transportation
Here is the link for the Fusion Exchange Dance Festival Ticket Store:
Tickets are valid from 1/6/10-1/19/10. Ticket store closes 9 pm PST on 1/5/10.
We’re planning your transportation to Disneyland as well. Please fill out this google form

See you next week,
The SDFX Team