forum | EBC 2010 - Registration is open - first 50 ppl save $65
EBC 2010 - Registration is open - first 50 ppl save $65
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EBC is gearing up early this year! 

EBC 2010 will be Nov 4-7, 2010

In order to save you money in what may be a rough year economically for a lot of people, we’re opening registration early this year.

What do you get in exchange for registering early?
Well how about $65 off the final EBC price for the first 50 people?

That good enough for you? Besides, registering early is the next best thing to being cool, and you know you want to be cool, or a close approximation of cool. So get over to and register today!

What’s new with EBC this year? Man, oh man, where to begin?
• EBC is 4 days this year!!! Kicking things off Thurs night and going through Sun night!
• 19 confirmed instructors and we will be adding more! This gives you the most choices for main instructors over any other Balboa event!
• Fri classes! That’s right, be sure to come in early and catch the dance Thurs night and classes Fri!
• Burlesque classes! We’re bringing in the ladies from Bootstraps Burlesque to offer 2 introductory free Burlesque classes! Burlesque 101 and Fans and/or Boas!
• New Amateur division
• Competition classes where amateurs can get immediate feedback in a controlled environment.
• Music by The Boilermaker Jazz Band and the Atomic Rhythm All-Stars
• Adding another room for classes for extra space
• Soul/Funk room downstairs
• Post-Halloween costume contest - streamlined from last year, still with cash prizes
• More volunteer opportunities if you cannot afford the full price of the weekend
• Afternoon prelims for competitions - more dance time and earlier notice to competitors!
• More dance time than any previous year!
• Over $2000 in prize money

And the list is growing each week!

EBC 2010 Instructors:
Nick Williams
Sylvia Sykes
David Rehm
Joel Plys
Laura Keat
Jeremy Otth
Kate Hedin
Bobby White
Kelly Arsenault
Mickey Fortenasce
Holly Owens
Chris Owens
Andree-Anne Tremblay
Jason Herron
Patricia Brodeur
Frederic Barbe
Kylie Smith
Adam Speen
Nelle Cherry

EBC 2010 Bands:
The Boilermaker Jazz Band
The Atomic Rhythm All-Stars

EBC 2010 Location:
The newly renovated Holiday Inn Brownstone Convention Center in Raleigh, NC

EBC website:
We have made several updates to the EBC website.  We’re still adding features to EBC and any news will be posted there first, so even after registering, please check there periodically for updates.  You can also view you registration and will be able to modify it there was well.

Click over to and register today!