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  Regular Dances

Our weekly dances have happened like clockwork for the last two decades!  We host beginner lessons followed by open social dancing every Saturday.  Our beginner lesson starts at 7:30pm and runs one hour. No sign up or registration is required.  Lessons are included in the admission price ($8/6 with DJ and $10-20 with live bands).  Social dancing starts at 8:30pm and often ends after 11pm.  Weekly dances offer a great time to socialize; listen to classic swing, jazz, and blues; and play games with our interactive venue hosts.  Up for a steal dance, the limbo, truth or dare, or musical chairs?  You never know what antics may be in store.  We also have theme nights to celebrate holidays, ring in the seasons, enjoy live music, or jam in our pajamas.  Join us to find out what secret we're keeping at The Green Door...

5 Reasons to Make Swing Dance a Habit

It turns out taking our drop-in East Coast Swing lesson every week improves your physical, mental, and emotional health!  Here's the research to back it up:

1. It's good for the body!  Dancing in general is excellent for improving fitness, coordination, rhythm, balance, and body and spatial awareness.  Exercise also releases endorphins... making you happier while you dance!

2. Swing dancing has many benefits for your brain!  Learning new physical skills, developing new ways of communicating, and building up mental/muscle memory  helps build new neurological connections - keeping your mind as fit as your body.  In fact, studies show that regularly learning and moving (together) can push back cognitive decline by as much as 15 years!

3. Swing dancing allows you to immediately plug in to a welcoming community.   Swing offers a vast local, national and international community of diverse people who all come together for a common passion. The Swing community is rich with opportunities to engage with people you might never run into otherwise!  Why not meet people face to face and engage with them (instead of connecting via social media)?

4. Music is good for the soul.  There's nothing quite like the upbeat sound of a swing song or the empathy of blues lick.  Songs are bound to speak to you... whether our DJs delight you with their wide ranging repertoires or you visit on a band night for some live tunes.

5. Swing dance gives you a chance to challenge yourself.  Convinced you’ve got two left feet? A little intimidated at how new everything will seem? Every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop. Remember, you don’t have to be Fred Astaire after your first class! Going to a class is the perfect place to make mistakes, ask questions and practice.


5 Reasons to Swing Dance
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